Added: 16 June 2019 ... 24 new albums.

Artist NameAlbum TitleYear
Astral Avenue Arrival2019
Blå Lotus Högtid2019
Broken Parachute Living Dangerously2019
Doug Woods and Colin Powell Vikings2019
Farmhouse Odyssey Fertile Ground2019
Fraudprophets Poptosis2019
Galaad FRAT3R2019
Gandalf's Fist The Clockwork Prologue2019
Gift, The Antenna2019
Infused Elements Insulaire2019
Introitus Shadows2019
Kaiser, Stefan Long Forgotten Tales2019
Le Orme Sulle Ali Di Un Sogno2019
Lushh Lushh2019
Magic Pie Fragments of the 5th Element2019
Mark Wingfield & Gary Husband Tor & Vale2019
Midnight Sun Dark Tide Rising2019
Riverside Project Riverside Project2019
Secchezza Delle Fauci Boxdoppio2019
Shumaun One Day Closer to Yesterday2019
Smash The Crash PL Lady2019
Thank You Scientist Terraformer2019
The Samurai of Prog Toki No Kaze2019
Thirteen Of Everything Our Own Sad Fate2019

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